Ski Touring

Ski Touring is a wonderful option to experience the peacefulness and beauty of Maine’s winter! With skis we can cover more ground and enjoy the exhilaration of quietly sliding on snow. Bethel offers plenty of excellent skiing destinations, both directly from Bethel or farther afield. We offer both alpine touring ski tours and cross country ski tours. We can stay on groomed trails or adventure into the backcountry. Let us be your guide! 
Choose a featured tour or we will tailor your adventure to your experience and fitness level. Contact us today to book your adventure.

Featured Tours

Intro to Alpine Touring

Learn the basics of traveling uphill on skis.  Practice equipment setup and transitions and learn skinning technique in a friendly no pressure environment. (Local 2 hour tour)

Ski Resort Backcountry Tour

Enjoy a delightful nature and scenery filled backcountry alpine tour with a resort trail as our transition destination.  We finish with a ski out to the base. *trail pass required. (Half day tour)

Cross Country Ski Tour

Explore the backwoods of Maine on cross country skis.  Watch birds and study interesting animal tracks while enjoying untracked snow. (Local 2 hour tour or Half day tour)