Fat Biking

Bethel has a number of options for winter fat biking. As the saying goes, “When skiing is bad, the fat biking is good”. Fat biking is a great tour option for anyone wishing to get an adrenaline rush of speed without putting on skis! Fat biking is very different from mountain biking and is very forgiving for beginners.  We have certified mountain bike coaches that will both coach and guide you at every turn.  No more wondering which way to go! 
We can stay on groomed trails or if the snow permits adventure into the backcountry and make our own.  Choose a featured tour or we will tailor your adventure to your experience and fitness level. Contact us today to book your adventure.

Featured Tours

Intro to Fat Biking

Learn the basics of traveling on fat tires on snow and ice.  Practice biking techniques in a friendly no pressure environment.  (Local 2 hour tour)

Bethel Bike Trails

Enjoy a delightful nature and scenery filled fat bike tour on prepared trails.  Let us guide you to the best terrain for the conditions and you will never have to worry about which way to go.  (Local 2 hour tour, *trail pass required)

Custom Fat Bike Tour

Explore the backwoods of Maine on fat bikes.  We have destinations further afield on logging roads, frozen lakes, and sometimes frozen snow.  The options abound!  (Half day tour)