Bethel Adventure Tours founder, Alex Carr,  has been an outdoorsman his entire life. Growing up in the Bethel area he enjoyed all sorts of outdoor activities. After college he spent 22 years as a U.S. Naval Flight officer. While stationed in Germany he completed 3 separate 500+ mile self guided bike/camping tours. Alex has skied at over 45 ski areas worldwide.

Alex has worked for over 7 years as a Maine bicycle tour guide, leading both day tours and multi-day trips. His guiding experience also includes hiking, paddling, and nature excursions. Alex is a Level 2 Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) instructor, in both adult and children disciplines. His specialty is leading groups of 10-13 year old children all over the woods and trails of Sunday River.

As a lifelong learner, Alex continues to upgrade his skill sets and is currently pursuing PSIA Level 1 cross country certification. He has recently completed an intensive mountain bike skills course by Ninja Mountain Bike Performance.

Alex is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and also earned a Wilderness EMT certification. In the Navy, Alex passed two survival programs and was required to update his survival and combat first aid skills every 4 years.

Alex loves hiking, mountain biking, ski and snowshoe touring, and paddling the water in the greater Bethel area. He enjoys foraging, plant identification, and animal track/scat identification. Alex is an aspiring birder working on his ability to identify birds by sight and sound. Alex is still looking for his first owl pellet and arrowhead.

Alex’s local knowledge and experience combined with his emphasis on maximizing fun while managing risk, ensures his clients have a thoroughly enjoyable and informative experience. Alex has a proven track record of helping novices and experts alike enjoy active outdoor recreation.


Your time in Bethel is valuable, let us help you see and experience the best. Don’t struggle with poor information, conflicting reviews of the various trails or “to see” options, or hard to find trail heads. We customize your adventure to your needs, the time available, and what is the best option for the season or the weather forecast. We do this while minimizing risk, informing on the history and nature in Western Maine, and all the while….Maximizing Your Fun!