Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is blowing up in Bethel. We have over 5 separate systems and 50 miles of varied trails developed, some of it is lift serviced, more trails are coming online. We know where the good flow trails are, or the tech features you may want to try, additionally we know the links between the systems. Mountain biking is a unique way to explore nature and enjoy some speed. We will tailor your adventure to your experience and fitness level. Contact us today to customize your adventure.

Featured Tours

Town and Country Ride

Get a taste of mountain biking in Bethel.  Enjoy a fun, mostly level tour along both paved and gravel trails.  Explore Valentine Farm and Kendall Brook Forest with picturesque views of both Sunday River and Mt Abram ski resorts.  Look out for wildlife as we travel in excellent bird and mammal areas.  Stop in town for a coffee and pastry at the local bakery.    (Local 2 hour tour, bike rentals available)

Bethel Village Trails or Community Forest Ride

Choose either Bethel Village Trails or Community Forest rides.  Each distinct system is worth a half day commitment.  Bethel Village trails include woodland flow trails and technical race courses.  Community Forest trails include significant climbing, technical descents, and two separate flow trails with features.  Our service provides the best way to maximize your riding time and feature selection.  (Half Day tour, bike rentals available)

Multi System Ride

Choose multiple systems to ride, all from downtown Bethel.  For this ride, choose Bethel Village Trails, Community Forest, Bacon Hill or even Mt Abram.  All of these systems can be linked with cross country connector trails.  The best option includes a mid ride lunch stop in Bethel at one of the many great cafes.  (Full day tour, bike rentals available)