What to Expect

When it comes to Bethel outdoor activities there are a variety of trails and waterways for all skill and fitness levels. Please check with us to discuss options for your day. Local options are plentiful and within 15-20 minutes of travel time, many options are available directly from Bethel and may not require auto transport. If you are interested in exploring farther afield from Bethel, Grafton or Evans Notches may be just what you’re looking for.

All tours are private, serving only your group with one or two guides. Many of our adventures require some technical equipment (mountain bike, snowshoes, skis, etc.) which Bethel Adventure Tours does not provide. We do not carry rental equipment in order to keep our rates low, however there are plenty of rental options in Bethel. We will be happy to refer you to a local rental location.

We will adjust our adventure to the needs and wants of your group. As a rule of thumb we start with a pace of activity: easy going, moderate, or aerobic. When booking we ask what type of pace you prefer. The time on the trail will vary between 2 to 8 hours depending on which tour and pace you choose. Please note, we usually can accommodate varied experience levels within your group with most of our adventures.

Warm weather adventures: Our tours can be sorted by distance, an easy going tour typically travels about one mile per hour. A moderate tour goes two to three miles per hour and an aerobic tour covers more than five miles per hour. Tours with steeper inclines, more technical features, or longer distances will require more time.

Winter weather adventures: Tour times times may be double that of summer if in snowshoes or microspikes, however, we may cover more terrain or distance in ski gear.

In all cases, your guide will adjust the pace to what works for your group. The best results begin with careful assessment of skills and fitness during booking. Adjustments will be made for current weather and trail conditions.

Every adventure begins with a route review, safety brief, and equipment inspection.

What To Bring

Our guides will carry a first aid kit and extra water in their pack, however, please bring at least one pack to carry additional water (12-16 ounces per hour).

1. At least 32 oz of water per person, more for longer excursions

2. Snacks and lunch, with a bag for any garbage (unless provided by tour package or upon your request)

3. Hiking poles if you use them

4. Headlamp with fresh batteries (for any early or late day adventures)

5. Sunglasses and sunblock

1. A pack that fits you well and can hold all of your gear

2. Boots/hiking shoes/trail runners/sturdy sneakers for hiking

3. Bike or MTB shoes for biking

4. Rain jacket and pants, if rain is forecast

5. Lightweight windbreaker for higher elevation hikes and some paddling

6. Non-cotton long sleeve shirt or fleece

7. Hat with brim

8. Bug repellent

1. A pack that fits you well and is large enough to hold all of your outer clothing layers, food, and water

2. Insulated hiking boots for hikes

3. Insulated hiking boots or winter bike footwear for winter fat biking

4. Hooded breathable waterproof shell (rain jacket and pants) large enough to fit over your layers

5. Plenty of non-cotton insulating layers

6. Down or synthetic “puffy” or fleece jacket

7. Synthetic or Wool hat and warm gloves/mittens

8. Buff/neck warmer

9. Snowshoes/microspikes/gaiters for hiking and snowshoeing, or appropriate ski equipment for skiing, or appropriate bike equipment for winter fat biking

10. Chemical hand and foot warmers

*** Please consult with us for rental equipment needs and/or adjustments to the above lists.

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